A Pairing Perfect for You and Your Valentine

Selvapiano Chianti Rufina and the Kitchen Zinc Tomato Pie

We have a food and wine pairing that will get your taste buds jumping! There’s nothing like pizza and a great Italian wine and we have such a fantastic collection of wine (and pizza) at KZ. Here’s an incredible pairing we think you should try the next time you visit. 


Chianti is a classic pairing with Italian food. Most people will recognize that wine bottle with the woven basket around bottom that can be found at many Italian restaurants. Some of the wines from Tuscany, specifically in the Chianti Classico region are world renowned. But today we want to talk about a lesser known region of Italy producing delicious Chianti, and that’s Rufina. While still located in the Tuscan region these wines, that are Sangiovese based, may not be as well-known but they do have amazing flavor profiles and a great acidity. And an added bonus, they usually carry a much lower price tag!

We’re not an Italian restaurant, but that doesn’t mean that this type of wine won’t pair perfectly with our artisanal pizzas. Specifically, the Tomato pie at Kitchen Zinc is the one we recommend you try. The San Marzano tomatoes that we use require a fresh, lively wine and luckily, we have the Selvapiano Ruffina in house! With its zippy acidity and dried cherry notes this is truly an epic culinary pairing that takes it easy on your wallet. 

Tomato Tomatoes | roasted garlic | basil pesto | mozzarella | fontina | topped with herb salad

Tomatoes | roasted garlic | basil pesto | mozzarella | fontina | topped with herb salad

Looking for a relaxing but romantic Valentine’s Day dinner. Bring your date to Kitchen ZINC and get cozy at one of our tables. Share our Tomato pie and a order a bottle of Selvapiano. Impress your date with this amazing pairing and they will surely think you’re a culinary genius! Don’t worry…we don’t tell how you knew :)