Pizza and Beer : Chorizo and Rogue Dead Guy Ale

At Kitchen Zinc we are all about balancing extraordinary flavors to make the perfect pie. Our Chorizo pie is no exception! One of our favorite purveyors is Froehlich's Cured Meats from Grand Banks Specialty Foods.

We love their chorizo!  The quality is unparalleled for our fabulous pie made with chorizo, artichoke + caramelized onions with fresh ricotta cheese and roasted tomatoes.  The spice and saltiness from the chorizo and the subtle lemony taste of our fresh artichoke hearts pair together so perfectly. Add the mild and creamy ricotta cheese and a sweetness from caramelized onion. All the flavor profiles in this pizza and the way they work together is why this pie will become one of your favorites.



Rogue is a brewery out of Oregon that has been around since the late 80's. Originally starting small, brewing two beers in the basement of a 60 seat pub, it quickly grew and became the successful neighborhood brewery it is today. Rogue Dead Guy is the perfect pairing for the spiciness of the chorizo. This ale has a nice toasty malt aromas and earthy hops. This is a pretty full bodied beer that will keep up and compliment all the flavors on this pie and the bitterness of the hops give a great balance to the saltiness of the ingredients.  

If you're looking to step up your dinner game or feel like those leftovers in the fridge are a little bland for your palate, come in and order the flavorful Chorizo pie and a Rogue Dead Guy Ale.