Pizza and Beer : Tomato Pie with Allagash White

A couple of weeks ago we paired a classic KZ pie, The Hawaiian, with NEBCO Seahag.This week, we think you should try the Tomato pie with a delicious Allagash White. 



Allagash has created their interpretation of a Belgian-style wheat beer that is by far, one of our favorite beers to pour. Light, refreshing, Allagash White has a nice spice to it from their special blend of coriander and Curaçao orange peel.


Allagash took a classic beer and put their spin on it, similar to how we do it here at Kitchen ZINC. A classic Tomato pie with a KZ twist, using tomatoes | roasted garlic | basil pesto | mozzarella  and fontina cheese | topped with herb salad. The flavors of this pizza with with the flavors and aromas of this spiced, Belgian-style beer are perfect. Nothing in this combination is  overly powerful, letting everything shine through. 

Sounds like you know what you're having for dinner tonight, right?