Pizza and Beer : KZ Hawaiian and Sea Hag IPA

Pizza and beer go together like peanut butter and jelly. Why not make sure you're pairing the right beer with the right pie. We're here to help! The next time you're at Kitchen ZINC, which we hope is very soon, why not order the KZ Hawaiian and a Sea Hag IPA.


Our spin on a classic Hawaiian pizza, we replace the ham with some delicious Smoked Chicken and Anouille Sausage. A hint of spice from Pickled Jalapeños and the sweetness from Pineapple are the perfect flavor combination. Not to mention, delicious, bubbly, melty, mozzarella cheese.

So why do we think you should pair this with NEBCO's Sea Hag IPA? First, it's named after a ghostly apparition that reportedly skirts the shores of New Haven harbor searching for her lost-at-sea husband. Next, the citrus, fruity nose and a crisp floral finish won't over power the flavors from the pizza, but in fact, compliment them perfectly. When deciding what beer to pair with your KZ Pie, you want a beer that is is well balanced with flavor and not too heavy. Sea Hag has a nice blend of malts (Pilsner, Munich, and Crystal) that leave this IPA crisp and refreshing. 


Some come for a pint and a pie. Ask any one of our servers or bartender to help you pair the perfect beer with your pizza!