New Fall Cocktails!

Sweater weather is here! With the cold weather appraoching, we’re switching up the cocktail menu at KZ to bring you some warming elixirs. 



Fall Fashioned
James E. Pepper Rye Whiskey | Pear Simple Syrup | Bitters

There's no better cold weather cocktail than an Old Fashioned. It typical Kitchen ZINC fashion, we have made a house-made Pear Simple Syrup to bring out the fall flavors in this drink. 





Aperol Spritz
Aperol | Prosecco | Club Soda

Aperol is definitely a staff favorite at Kitchen ZINC and we think that it’s perfect aperitif all year round! The sweet and bitter oranges they use and the infusion of herbs, the recipe for this liqueur has been the same since the beginning. Paired with a little bubbles and you have a classic cocktail! 




Autumn Margarita
Azteca Azul Agave Silver Tequila | Cointreau | Fall Spiced Blood Orange | Fresh Lime Juice

A simple margarita with a bold Blood Orange flavor. 


Oaxaca Mule
Mezcal | Ginger Beer | Fresh Lime Juice | Agave 

A spin on a classic Moscow Mule, the smokiness of the Mezcal adds a layer of complexity and is the perfect addition to this cocktail to warm you on those chilly nights. 



To Russia and Back
Chopin Vodka | Wild Moon Cranberry Liqueur | Downeast cider 

A spin on a classic summer cocktail, this Vodka drink brings a level of Cranberry that will leave you wanting more. A splash of Downeast cider with the Wild Moon Cranberry Liqueur, you'll want to recreate this cocktail at home and have it as your Thanksgiving Signature Drink! 









Espresso Martini
Tia Maria | Vanilla Vodka | Espresso

Delicious, a tad sweet, and the perfect pick me up when you feel yourself wanting to take nap after having that 5th piece of pizza. 


We’re excited for these cocktails and you’ll be able to enjoy them tomorrow night at Kitchen ZINC.