A Pairing Perfect for You and Your Valentine

Selvapiano Chianti Rufina and the Kitchen Zinc Tomato Pie

We have a food and wine pairing that will get your taste buds jumping! There’s nothing like pizza and a great Italian wine and we have such a fantastic collection of wine (and pizza) at KZ. Here’s an incredible pairing we think you should try the next time you visit. 


Chianti is a classic pairing with Italian food. Most people will recognize that wine bottle with the woven basket around bottom that can be found at many Italian restaurants. Some of the wines from Tuscany, specifically in the Chianti Classico region are world renowned. But today we want to talk about a lesser known region of Italy producing delicious Chianti, and that’s Rufina. While still located in the Tuscan region these wines, that are Sangiovese based, may not be as well-known but they do have amazing flavor profiles and a great acidity. And an added bonus, they usually carry a much lower price tag!

We’re not an Italian restaurant, but that doesn’t mean that this type of wine won’t pair perfectly with our artisanal pizzas. Specifically, the Tomato pie at Kitchen Zinc is the one we recommend you try. The San Marzano tomatoes that we use require a fresh, lively wine and luckily, we have the Selvapiano Ruffina in house! With its zippy acidity and dried cherry notes this is truly an epic culinary pairing that takes it easy on your wallet. 

Tomato Tomatoes | roasted garlic | basil pesto | mozzarella | fontina | topped with herb salad

Tomatoes | roasted garlic | basil pesto | mozzarella | fontina | topped with herb salad

Looking for a relaxing but romantic Valentine’s Day dinner. Bring your date to Kitchen ZINC and get cozy at one of our tables. Share our Tomato pie and a order a bottle of Selvapiano. Impress your date with this amazing pairing and they will surely think you’re a culinary genius! Don’t worry…we don’t tell how you knew :)

Pizza and Beer : Chorizo and Rogue Dead Guy Ale

At Kitchen Zinc we are all about balancing extraordinary flavors to make the perfect pie. Our Chorizo pie is no exception! One of our favorite purveyors is Froehlich's Cured Meats from Grand Banks Specialty Foods.

We love their chorizo!  The quality is unparalleled for our fabulous pie made with chorizo, artichoke + caramelized onions with fresh ricotta cheese and roasted tomatoes.  The spice and saltiness from the chorizo and the subtle lemony taste of our fresh artichoke hearts pair together so perfectly. Add the mild and creamy ricotta cheese and a sweetness from caramelized onion. All the flavor profiles in this pizza and the way they work together is why this pie will become one of your favorites.



Rogue is a brewery out of Oregon that has been around since the late 80's. Originally starting small, brewing two beers in the basement of a 60 seat pub, it quickly grew and became the successful neighborhood brewery it is today. Rogue Dead Guy is the perfect pairing for the spiciness of the chorizo. This ale has a nice toasty malt aromas and earthy hops. This is a pretty full bodied beer that will keep up and compliment all the flavors on this pie and the bitterness of the hops give a great balance to the saltiness of the ingredients.  

If you're looking to step up your dinner game or feel like those leftovers in the fridge are a little bland for your palate, come in and order the flavorful Chorizo pie and a Rogue Dead Guy Ale. 

It's the holiday season...it's time to party!

Thanksgiving is next week and before you know it we will be counting down to midnight and ringing in 2018! 


So do you have plans for the holidays? Kitchen ZINC is a perfect event space to throw a great party! You can rent the entire restaurant for the evening and throw an amazing celebration. There’s enough space for you to invite 50 of your closest friends, enjoy hors-d'oeuvres, pizza, salads, craft beer, draft wine, cocktails, the list goes on! 

Want to step it up a notch and have a killer New Year's Eve bash?! Bring your iPod and plug into our speakers or hire a DJ to set up in the corner. We’ll clear out the tables and create an area for you to have a dance party. 


The best part of this whole evening is that you get to enjoy the party too! We’ll set up, clean up, check on your guests to see if they need more food or drink. All you have to do is send out the invites and let us worry about the rest. 

We'd love to host your event at Kitchen ZINC this holiday season. Elizabeth Ciarlelli, our Event Manager, will guide you through the experience and help you plan the perfect party! Call her today at 203-624-0507 ext 2 or email elizabethciarlelli@zincfood.com


Pizza and Beer : Tomato Pie with Allagash White

A couple of weeks ago we paired a classic KZ pie, The Hawaiian, with NEBCO Seahag.This week, we think you should try the Tomato pie with a delicious Allagash White. 



Allagash has created their interpretation of a Belgian-style wheat beer that is by far, one of our favorite beers to pour. Light, refreshing, Allagash White has a nice spice to it from their special blend of coriander and Curaçao orange peel.


Allagash took a classic beer and put their spin on it, similar to how we do it here at Kitchen ZINC. A classic Tomato pie with a KZ twist, using tomatoes | roasted garlic | basil pesto | mozzarella  and fontina cheese | topped with herb salad. The flavors of this pizza with with the flavors and aromas of this spiced, Belgian-style beer are perfect. Nothing in this combination is  overly powerful, letting everything shine through. 

Sounds like you know what you're having for dinner tonight, right? 

What's On Tap? WINE!!

When you ask the question, 'What's on tap?' at Kitchen ZINC, you might get an answer thats a bit longer than you expected. Not only do we 6 craft beers, but we also have 6 delicious draft wines! 

Did you know about our draft wine system at Kitchen ZINC? If not, here’s a few reasons why you need to join us for a glass of wine soon. 



1.  It was one of the first draft wine systems in Connecticut. 
    Yup, that's right! We were one of the first restaurants to install this system and we are so happy that since then, other restaurants have also made the move to tap a keg, of wine :)

2. There are 6 different wines, all poured for you at the proper temperture.
    Our cooler for the kegs has been set to the proper temperature for each kind of wine to allow you to truly experience the flavors. A common misconception is that the proper temperature to serve red wine is at room temperature. While this isn't wrong, the best temperature to pour a glass of red is between 60-70 degrees. White wine should be between 45-55 degrees.


3. It’s Green!
    Kegs offer a 96% reduction in carbon footprint compared to wine poured from bottles over 20 years. Just one stainless steel keg sequesters the same amount of CO2 as 28 trees! Plus, each keg put into service saves 2,340 lbs of trash from the landfill over its lifetime. -trywineontap.com


4. It’s always fresh!
    You don’t need to worry about wondering if that bottle has been opened too long or if the wine has been oxidized. The last glass of wine is as fresh as the first glass of wine! 


On tap right now we have

Elki Cellars ‘Gotham Project’ / Sauvignon Blanc / Elqui Valley, Chile
NXNW / Chardonnay / Columbia Valley, Washington

Empire Builder, ‘Sabine’ / Provence, France

GSM / Hahn, California
Frico Rosso Toscano / Scarpetta/ Italy
Cabernet / Pacific Standard ‘Gotham Project’, California


Enjoy a glass, a 1/2 carafe, or a full carafe of any of these fabulous wine. We even have nightly specials featuring our draft wine!

Wine Wednesday | Cicchetti and 1/2 Carafe
Pick any 3 cicchetti & pair with a 1/2 carafe of our draft wine 24

So come to Kitchen ZINC and ask 'What's on tap?'  


Pizza and Beer : KZ Hawaiian and Sea Hag IPA

Pizza and beer go together like peanut butter and jelly. Why not make sure you're pairing the right beer with the right pie. We're here to help! The next time you're at Kitchen ZINC, which we hope is very soon, why not order the KZ Hawaiian and a Sea Hag IPA.


Our spin on a classic Hawaiian pizza, we replace the ham with some delicious Smoked Chicken and Anouille Sausage. A hint of spice from Pickled Jalapeños and the sweetness from Pineapple are the perfect flavor combination. Not to mention, delicious, bubbly, melty, mozzarella cheese.

So why do we think you should pair this with NEBCO's Sea Hag IPA? First, it's named after a ghostly apparition that reportedly skirts the shores of New Haven harbor searching for her lost-at-sea husband. Next, the citrus, fruity nose and a crisp floral finish won't over power the flavors from the pizza, but in fact, compliment them perfectly. When deciding what beer to pair with your KZ Pie, you want a beer that is is well balanced with flavor and not too heavy. Sea Hag has a nice blend of malts (Pilsner, Munich, and Crystal) that leave this IPA crisp and refreshing. 


Some come for a pint and a pie. Ask any one of our servers or bartender to help you pair the perfect beer with your pizza! 

New Fall Cocktails!

Sweater weather is here! With the cold weather appraoching, we’re switching up the cocktail menu at KZ to bring you some warming elixirs. 



Fall Fashioned
James E. Pepper Rye Whiskey | Pear Simple Syrup | Bitters

There's no better cold weather cocktail than an Old Fashioned. It typical Kitchen ZINC fashion, we have made a house-made Pear Simple Syrup to bring out the fall flavors in this drink. 





Aperol Spritz
Aperol | Prosecco | Club Soda

Aperol is definitely a staff favorite at Kitchen ZINC and we think that it’s perfect aperitif all year round! The sweet and bitter oranges they use and the infusion of herbs, the recipe for this liqueur has been the same since the beginning. Paired with a little bubbles and you have a classic cocktail! 




Autumn Margarita
Azteca Azul Agave Silver Tequila | Cointreau | Fall Spiced Blood Orange | Fresh Lime Juice

A simple margarita with a bold Blood Orange flavor. 


Oaxaca Mule
Mezcal | Ginger Beer | Fresh Lime Juice | Agave 

A spin on a classic Moscow Mule, the smokiness of the Mezcal adds a layer of complexity and is the perfect addition to this cocktail to warm you on those chilly nights. 



To Russia and Back
Chopin Vodka | Wild Moon Cranberry Liqueur | Downeast cider 

A spin on a classic summer cocktail, this Vodka drink brings a level of Cranberry that will leave you wanting more. A splash of Downeast cider with the Wild Moon Cranberry Liqueur, you'll want to recreate this cocktail at home and have it as your Thanksgiving Signature Drink! 









Espresso Martini
Tia Maria | Vanilla Vodka | Espresso

Delicious, a tad sweet, and the perfect pick me up when you feel yourself wanting to take nap after having that 5th piece of pizza. 


We’re excited for these cocktails and you’ll be able to enjoy them tomorrow night at Kitchen ZINC.

Let's Have Party

Have you thought about your holiday party plans yet? If the holiday season seems like it’s far away, think again!


Have you considered Kitchen ZINC Artisan Pizza and Bar? We’ve hosted many successful events including Rehearsal Dinners, Company Socials, Meetings, Birthday Parties, Wedding Receptions, Family Reunions, Graduation Parties, New Year's Eve Parties, Holiday Parties and we are ready to help with your event! 


Guests love the relaxed atmosphere and central location in Downtown New Haven. Your group can enjoy a buffet of selected pizzas, charcuterie and cheeses, and salads. We offer a full bar including bottled wines, draft wine, and craft beers. Bring your iPod and plug into our stereo system so you and your friends can dance or bring your audio equipment for speeches and toasts. Drop off your decorations and allow us to turn our event space into your event space. There are still available dates over the next few months and would love to assist you with your holiday plans!


Instead of having everyone over to your house, have them at ours! Let us take care of the cooking and cleaning so you can enjoy the party too!


For more information: contact Elizabeth Ciarlelli at 203-624-0507 ext 2 or email elizabethciarlelli@zincfood.com